We are dedicated to presenting a professional CCW training program that will prepare citizens with the knowledge and skills needed to responsibly carry a concealed weapon.

We also offer Handgun training for those who are new to firearms or would like continued training to stay safe and confident with their weapon.


Our Mission:
Here at Fred’s Firearms Training, we believe that during an emergency situation, you will defend yourself the way you have been trained to respond.

Our firearms training programs focus on safety and the great responsibility that comes with operating your firearm or carrying a concealed weapon.

To accomplish our mission, Fred’s Firearms Training has assembled three professional firearms instructors that are dedicated to providing the highest quality CCW and Handgun training programs available in the area.

You will find that our instructors have many years of experience in every facet of firearms training, as well as military and Law enforcement.

Our training programs will provide students with a welcoming learning environment and will ensure an understanding of the safe handling of firearms. Our goal is for each student to come away with the skills that are necessary to deal with real world situations.