fredFred Smith brings 25 years of Military, law enforcement, and retail firearms sales experience to Fred's Firearms training courses. Some of Fred’s career highlights include 4 years as a United States Marine, and 10 years as a Department of energy protective force officer before joining the Stanislaus county sheriff’s department in 2008. He had the honor of serving on the SWAT team for 6 years. All of these while growing his firearms business as a sales person and firearms instructor. He looks forward to many more years of serving our community with quality firearms sales, training and service.







Phil HarrisPhil was born and raised in the Central Valley, and has carried a gun for a living since he was 18. After serving in the United States Marine Corps he came home and continued serving his community by joining a local law enforcement agency. Phil is currently on his agencies tactical team where serves as a sniper/ observer and firearms instructor. Phil enjoys raising his family in the central Valley and wants to keep it safe by providing quality training to current and potential CCW holders at Fred's Firearms.







Mike RadfordMike Radford brings 24 years of law enforcement experience to Fred's Firearms training courses. Some of Mikes career highlights include 18 years on SWAT as an operator, team leader, and team commander. He has taught overseas, locally, and is currently a faculty member at San Joaquin Delta College. He looks forward to helping you meet your training needs.