Can I use a concealed carry holster for class?
No, you will need a sturdy outside the pant holster that properly fits your firearm.

Can I bring a friend or family member to class to watch?
No, only enrolled students and instructors can be at the range during instruction.

Do I need to bring a lunch?
You are more than welcome to bring a lunch. You will have plenty of time to go off site as well.

What if I come to class without some of my equipment?
You will need ALL the specified equipment for your class. If you come unprepared, you may be excused.

Can my eyeglasses be used as eye protection?
Yes, you can wear your eyeglasses as eye protection during the range portion of the course.

How old do you have to be in order to take the HG#1 class, CCW?
The handgun # 1 class can be taken by a student at the age of at least 14 yrs if accompanied by an adult that is also registered as a student. You must be 21yrs old to take the CCW course.

How / when will I receive my certificate?
You will receive you certificate of completion at the end of the day of your class. It will be signed by your instructor.

Can I take the Saturday portion of the class then take the Sunday portion on a different date?
No, you must take the two-day initial course consecutively.

During the qualifying portion of class how many attempts do I have for each of my weapons?
You will have three attempts to complete the qualifications for each weapon.

If it’s raining will the class be rescheduled?
No, the range dates are set in advance and can not be changed. We will train rain or shine.