Apply for your CCW before registering for our course...

We suggest you sign up for your CCW with your respective issuing County before registering for one of our courses.
Please visit the appropriate County's CCW page below.

Stanislaus County Sheriff - CCW
Escalon Police Department - CCW

*** We are no longer issuing course certificates for Ripon or San Joaquin County. 

Stanislaus County Qualification


**Classroom portion occurs Thursday at 5:30pm and range portion is on the following Saturday for a full day from 8am-5pm and half day Sunday 8am-12pm. 

Tuition is $285 and must be paid in full prior to attending class. This is a 16 hour course from 5:30pm to 9:30pm on Thursday and qualification at the range will be scheduled for the following Saturday (Full day, 8am-5pm) & Sunday (Half day, 8am-12pm). Certificates will be issued after successful qualification on Sunday.

Requred to join the Zoom Meeting:
- Computer with a webcam and microphone or
- Tablet with webcam and microphone
- Smartphone (Google or Apple)

If you need assistance on using Zoom, please visit the following website for guides on it's use.

Required equipment for the range day: 
- Handgun (additional magazines and loaders suggested) 
- Outside the pant hip holster
  (Please wear pants with belt loops and a sturdy belt) 
- Eye and ear protection 
- 250 rounds of ammunition for initial course
- Long pants  and close toed footwear are required.