Apply for your CCW before registering for our course...

We suggest you sign up for your CCW with your respective issuing County before registering for one of our courses.
Please visit the appropriate County's CCW page below.

Stanislaus County Sheriff - CCW
Escalon Police Department - CCW

*** We are no longer issuing course certificates for Ripon or San Joaquin County. 

Stanislaus County Qualification

The next in our phase of Fred’s Firearms handgun training will introduce proper manipulation of your weapon including all stages of malfunctions. Shooters will utilize their hip holster and work with proper presentation skills while engaging either single or multiple targets.

Students are required to have completed either Handgun 1, have their CCW, or have taken a certified handgun course within the past 5 years.

Tuition is $60 and must be paid prior to attending class. This is a 2-hour course on Saturday from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

Required equipment
-Handgun (3 magazines or speed loaders suggested)
-Eye and ear protection
-100 rounds of ammunition
-Long pants and close toed footwear are required

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