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Long Rifle Carbine / Handgun Transition Course (9/21/2024)

Learn to manage your weapon from mid-range, to reloading, to transitioning to your
handgun. This course will help you become thoroughly familiar with your carbine
and your capabilities with it.

We will cover all the important aspects of marksmanship, weapon handling, manipulation,
and safe transition drills.

Other courses of fire include:
- Shooting while moving
- Reloading drills
- Close quarter shooting
- Multiple target
- Transitioning to handgun

Carbines make an excellent choice for home defense.

AR-15, SCAR-L, AK-74, AK-47, Mini-14 and similar carbines are all applicable for this

Required Equipment
- Carbine Rifle with sling ** 3 Magazines are strongly encouraged **
- Please wear pants with belt loops and a sturdy belt
- Eye and ear protection 
- 150 rounds of ammunition for rifle / 100 rounds of ammunition for handgun
- Long pants and close toed footwear are required.

Event Properties

Course Begins 09-21-2024 10:30 am
Course Ends 09-21-2024 1:30 pm
Registration Closes 09-20-2024 12:00 pm
Available Seats 15
Individual Price USD165.00
Location Private Oakdale Range